Consulate of Senegal in Atlanta


Consulate of Senegal in Atlanta. Usually an Embassy of a foreign country is to small to be able to reach and offer consular services to all people in all US states like Atlanta. Hence, the need for local consulates which are smaller, regionally located embassy branches. The consulate of Senegal in Atlanta is a satellite or branch office of the Embassy of Senegal located in Washington DC.

Foreign Consulates in Atlanta, United States


Senegalese Consulate in Atlanta
SALE Hall Annexe 830 West View Drive S.W. Atlanta Georgia 30314-3773 United States

Telephone Number:

(+1) 404 614 6040

Fax Number:

(+1) 404 215 2690



More Information:

Opening Hours: By appointment

Senegal in Atlanta

Consulate or Consulate-General

A Consulate or Consulate-General in Atlanta is a diplomatic representative consular office or mission.

The head of the Consular mission or Consulate-General is named a Consul or a Consul General.

Honorary Consulate

A Honorary Consulate in Atlanta is generally a independent person living in Atlanta who represents to execute certain consular duties.

A Honorory Consulate mission is headed by a Honorory Consul who often works as the diplomatic representative in Atlanta on a part-time basis.

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